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Shout out to everyone on the natural, natural hair journey !

To be completely natural with your hair, can be a tiring one. 

 We here at SheBeautyBar,  strive to keep up with the latest trends in natural hair care, we want to put you on to the benefits of Sea Moss and Turmeric for our naturals. 

Please feel free to check out the different natural resources for those who enjoy all natural products and ingredients on your natural hair.  For the Natural, natural!


Below are some of our favorite videos we found online, along with 5 quick benefits of  Sea Moss & Turmeric + many more resources  you can try at home!

Let’s get into it.. First..

Sea Moss:  Google tells us that Sea Moss is a species of red algae that grows abundantly along the rocky, Atlantic coasts of North America and Europe.

5 Benefits of Sea Moss for  your hair: 

  • Sea Moss is  not only gentle for your skin but it is also used to strengthen the hair.

  • It is made up of many mineral nutrients (92 out of the 102 we have in our bodies) that make your hair shiny. 

  • When Sea Moss is used for hair, it is used to soothe the scalp, fortify the hair fibers, condition the hair, etc. 

  • Sea Moss for hair is often used as an emulsifier which is found in most hair products. 

  • It hydrates all natural hair types and curl patterns and can be used as a gel for easy on the go styles conditions the hair, etc.

Here is one of our favorite YT videos that includes 4 DIY recipes and how to create your own Sea Moss!       Please Subscribe to her channel!


You can get Sea Moss online- Earth Blends Herbs & Nutrition 412 e Manchester Inglewood,Ca- or at your local health food store.

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The overall benefits from Sea Moss is a life changer and is more than worth adding into your lifestyle.

Be sure to comment below and let us know how Sea Moss has enhanced your natural hair journey!

June 27,2020

Tumeric & Honey

Now onto the next healthy hair secret we found that also strengthens your hair is Turmeric.


Yes! Turmeric is a spice that is most commonly used in foods and for coloring, but it is also good in and for your hair.


3 Major Benefits of Turmeric for natural hair:

  • Reduces split ends & shedding.

  • It helps strengthen hair of all types and lengths.

  • Stimulates follicle hair growth.

Honey's ability to absorb and retain moisture helps keep skin hydrated and fresh and prevents drying.

Heading 5

Shoutout to Melissa Dennis for the DIY  Hair Mask

Mix Tumeric powder with milk and honey and apply this natural hair treatment on your scalp by a gentle massage. Tumeric can be used to treat scalp conditions as dermatitis and eczema and inflammation of the scalp

Apply a mixture of honey and milk to the face to keep the skin young-looking, radiant, and smooth.


To prepare:

1. Combine 1 tablespoon of tumeric and 2 tablespoons of honey to form a paste.
2. Apply the turmeric and honey paste evenly all over the face.
3. Leave on for about 20 minutes, let it dry and then wash off. Gently dry face.
PS: For dry skin, add milk, greek yoghurt, or olive oil to the paste.

Tumeric w/ Milk and Honey

Most of our hair issues are due to either microbes or fungi damaging our scalp, which are going to influence hair growth.

Most often, in people suffering from reduced hair growth, scalp pain or inflammations, microbes and fungi are to blame, which is why turmeric is very beneficial and also extremely powerful to increase hair growth while also reducing inflammations and pain.

To get the most benefits for your hair when it comes to turmeric, you need to take it orally.

To increase hair growth, you need to ingest turmeric every day.

On the long run, these are the ones responsible for lowering hair growth and even growing weak and thin hair strands!

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