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Natural Beauty

Protective Style Crochet Hair
Zury Naturali Star V-8-9-10
All hair types
Why this style?

Crochet protective style is great for TRANSITION from NATURAL to RELAX


Its COST EFFECTIVE and leaves you with ENDLESS STYLING options


LONG TERM protective style which promotes HAIR GROWTH by EXPOSING the SCALP to BREATHE, CLEANSE and MOISTURIZE


SAVES TIME in daily routine


PROTECTS HAIR from environmental conditions and HEAT of any kind

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Taliah Waajid
Green Apple & Aloe w/coconut
Used Taliah Waajid detangler, Shea Coco Conditioner and Conditioning and Co-wash
Green Apple & Aloe is a nutritive hair care regimen that strengthens and moisturize the hair while remaining gentle enough for daily use. Create longer-lasting, more defined curls fortified with vitamins, fiber and protein.   

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Los Angeles,Ca


What User Say About Product
"I love my product from this line! It smells AMAZING!!"


"I absolutely love your Aloe and Apple line! Hydration Nation


"Taliah Waajid Protective Style collection help me maintain a healthy scalp, free of flakes and my hair remained soft and moisturized with great luster thanks to the "Protective Style collection" 


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