Sea moss gel has a variety of health benefits for your body, hair and skin. 

Please check out or For Naturals Naturals page to learn about benefits of Sea Moss. 

Irish Sea Moss Gel

  • - supports a healthy immune system and healthy heart

    - increase sexual performance

    - increase metabolism and energy in the body

    - soothes scalp, condition the hair, enhance shine, strengthen the hair

    - anti aging porperties, skin renewal

    - gently exfoliates the skin



  • -Body: add tblsp to you smoothie, juice or soup, suaces or even baked goods or take a tsp by mouth a day

    - Hair: add a scoop to your deep conditioner for dry scalp, or a hair rinse or co-wash

    - Skin- apply gel to skin and sit for 20 mins and wash off thoroughly

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