• Instant penetrating humectants, increase hairs’ ability to hold moisture.
  • Panthenol seals in moisture creating great shine and manageability while Aloe Vera and Herbal Extracts deliver the protective barrier to hair and scalp.
  • Regulates heat styling and creates a protective barrier when using heat appliances (heat protectant).
  • Instant de-tangler smooths hair, adds shine.
  • Protects from coloring and chemical abuse.
  • Doubles as a sun screen for hair and resists humidity while reducing frizz.
  • It allows you to reduce the temperature when flat-ironing or blow drying.
  • Safe to use twice daily, no build-up and doesn’t weigh down hair.
  • Works wonders for second day rehydrating hair.
  • Works especially well on children’s hair.

Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

    • Step 1: Cleanse: Moisture Nourishing Shampoo.
    • Step 2: Condition: Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner.
    • Step 3: Revitalize: Spray on wet hair: Detangle with a paddle brush.
    • Step 4: Style: Use Incredible Curls, Curl Defining Cream or style appropriate product.
      Spray on dry hair: Rehydrate and reduce dryness; improve manageability and shine.

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