Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Curl Elixir is a curl and hair styling conditioning Elixir that reduces frizz, stregthens strands while sealing in curl form and shape. Produces long lasting curls and leaves your hair feeling soft and tangle free. Has awesome & amazing curl memory that works great on all curl textures and patterns. 

Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Curl Elixir

  • Wet Hair: Towel dry and separate hair into sections. Apply product to one section at a time for best results. Be sure to cover hair strands with Curl Elixir and finger comb or denman brush cream from root to ends for even distribution and maximum definition. 

    Dry Hair: Use same instructions as wet. You may have to use a bit less or more depending on the style that you choose. Omit towel use. 

    Refresh\Renew: Use finger tips to apply to hair section that needs attention. Work through using fingertips to form curl or denman brush or comb to style

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