Healthy Hair Under There Bamboo, Avocasigned to restore the scalpdo and Peppermint Restoring Serum is an herbal-infused oil free daily conditioning treatment with nourshing moisturizers and stregtheners to support hair condtitoning and scalp stimulation while wearing your favorite protective style. 

Designed to restore the scalps natural oil balance and support stronger, healthier hair, Healthy Hair Under There has nourishing avocado to support daily conditioning of hair and scalp without buildup and moisture shea butter to soothe tightly held styles. Peppermint helps stimulate the blood circulation and oxygen flow often lacking while hair is in an extended protective style. 

Taliah Waajid-Protective Styles-Restoring Serum

  • - Stimulates scalp, strengthens hair

    - Restore and maintain hairs natural strength

    - Preserves moisture balance

    - Helps soothe tight scalp

    - Infuse hair under ptrotective styles with moisture and strength

    - Support growth rentention with moisture and nutrients

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