Yoni steam to help heal painful menstrual cramping, if there is spotting or brown blood before menstruation begins, or if PMS is present. In this case yoni steam at a maximum of 1-7 times per month, the week before the period begins.

yoni steam and seat


    Motherwort & Calendula is good for cleansing and supporting the body’s natural ability to release old uterine lining, motherwort and calendula are well-suited to balancing out long cycles with heavy periods and lots of clotting.

    Nettle & Raspberry Leaf after each period your body needs to replenish, post blood loss. Nettle and raspberry leaf aid in blood building, restoring vital nutrients to your body, and supporting your body’s ability to create new blood cells. They also make wonderful teas!

    Hibiscus & Lemon Balm, most of us take for granted how much water our bodies really need to function optimally, as well as how many things we do dehydrate us daily! Hibiscus and lemon balm are kidney tonics which support the body’s ability to properly recycle fluids so you can stay naturally lubricated.

    Lavender & Sage the vagina has its own microbiome, made up of colonies of friendly bacteria that live in harmony with you. If these bacteria become unbalanced (often stemming from an issue with gut health), lavender and sage are disinfecting herbs certain herbs that can help restore harmony.

    Yarrow & Shepherd’s Purse short cycles and spontaneous bleeding are signs of uterine fatigue and can be supported by steaming with Yarrow and Shepherd’s Purse, both antihemorrhagic herbs. However, a pre-formulated herbal blend containing said herbs may be a better way to go to ensure proper proportions.

  • 1.Claim your throneYou need a comfortable chair or stool with a hole in the seat so the steam source can sit below and waft upwards. See our recommended yoni steam seats below.

    2.Herbalize itAdd a cup full of your chosen yoni steam herbs to a pot of hot water. Simmer (not boil) the herbs for 10 minutes with the lid on.

    3.Let it sink in Let your mix cool and steep for 1-5 minutes. Then, pour it into a heat-safe bowl/basin and place it under your holy seat.

    4.Disrobe with delight While some prefer to be naked, you only need to undress from the waist down to expose yourself to the magic.

    5.Take it in Sit on your chosen seat for 20-30 minutes. Some prefer to place their basin in the toilet. Maybe this is when you try meditation!

    6.Keep it under wrapsOnce sitting, wrap a large, comfy towel around your waist and legs to prevent the potent steam from escaping your DIY setup.

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